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Who are we – At OzToyLib we are passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and are constantly exploring ways to bring different forms of STEM education to kids (of all ages). OzToyLib focuses on bringing you great STEM learning products, services and solutions that are aimed at helping you give your child the relevant life skills (critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, iterative design/build/testing, etc.) important for survival in our digital age. OzToyLib is run by a passionate team of individuals based in Melbourne, Australia.  Feel free to reach out to us on +61 423 607 688 for a chat.

What is our background – Our approach at OzToyLib is informed by the learning, experience we gained running STEM programs and code clubs for kids here in Melbourne, Australia. Most of the STEM products that we offer at our store are STEM products that we would have used or continue to use across the various STEM learning  tracks we offer our kids at our Code Club here in Melbourne, Australia. You can check out the various FREE STEM learning tracks at KidzCanCode and KidzCanCode Learning Management System. You can learn more about our Code Club at CoderDojo Altona North.

Why STEM, Why Now – In today’s fast moving & rapidly changing world we have realized that it’s impossible to predict what tomorrow’s jobs will look like. However, what we know for sure is that tomorrow’s jobs will increasingly demand critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills.

STEM learning through its focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math helps kids of all ages build those critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving skills and along the way helps infuse a real sense of curiosity in the world around them. Our hands on approach to STEM learning is designed to Ignite Curiosity, Inspire love for learning, experimenting and helping kids be creative and uncover the Innovator inside.

Talk to us – At OzToyLib we are constantly looking for cutting edge STEM products that will give our kids the key critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills that the jobs of the 21st century digital age demands. Drop us a note if you have come across a product that you think is worth considering and we will definitely have a  look. Reach out to us using the Contact Us section or drop us an email at oztoylib@hack2.live.

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