MagPi Issue #89 Hits The Stands

MagPi Issue #89 Hits The Stands

Calling all Raspberry Pi Hackers, aficionados and enthusiasts, MagPI issue #89 hits the stands. Grab a cup of your favorite brew and settle down on your couch with a copy of the MagPi to discover all the awesomeness embedded within this month’s issue. Lots of exciting stuff to read about. Check out what’s in this months magazine by looking at the Table Of Contents.

Here’s what the Raspberry Pi MagPi website has to say about Issue #89, “Discover the best Raspberry Pi tips, tools, kits and gadgets in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine. All this inside The MagPi magazine issue #89…”

Grab a copy of your own MagPi magazine issue #89.

MagPi Issue #89

This issue covers –

  1. 50 Raspberry Pi Tips & Tools.
  2. Beef up your maker skills in 2020 with our guide to all the tools you need. From soldering kits to 3D printers; this feature has everything you need to prototype and build incredible projects.
  3. Raspberry Pi kit & gadget guide.
  4. Discover the best cases, keyboards, speakers, starter kits, games accessories and robots.
  5. Plus amazing HAT (hardware attached on top) add-ons that quickly give your Raspberry Pi extra features.
  6. Connect a classic computer to the web. Fancy taking your old Atari ST online? PJ Evans has a tutorial that uses an RS232 receiver to take classic machines onto the internet.
  7. Build a smart robot. Use OpenCV to add computer vision to a wheeled-robot.
  8. Assemble a smart classroom assistant. Create AI in Scratch to discover how machine learning works.
  9. Design a 3D printer pendant. Use BlocksCAD on Raspberry Pi to design a pendant that can be 3D printed.
  10. Learn R with Raspberry Pi. Beloved by computer scientists, R is a language used to process large amounts of data. Discover how to learn R using Raspberry Pi.
  11. The best projects! From the Aquatic Mini Observation System to Cheeseborg, a grilled-cheese making robot. We’ve got all the best projects this month.
  12. Plus! Win one of five Raspberry Pi 4 and black and grey Official Case kits.

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Head over to following link to download issue #89 of the MagPi – <Download>.

Raspberry Pi 4 – Tips and Tools
Design a 3D Pendant with BlocksCAD
Aquatic Mini Observation System with the Raspberry Pi
Raspberberry Pi Kit & Gadget Guide
Build a Cheese Toast Making Robot with the Raspberry Pi

The MagPi is freely licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA-NC 3.0). You can download this issue free now and forever, but buying in digital & print supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to democratize computing.

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Raspberry Pi Smart Tank

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Hopefully you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future tutorials drop us a note at – learning at hack2 dot live.

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