micro:mag Edition #6 Hits The Stands

micro:mag Edition #6 Hits The Stands

What is the micro:mag: micro:mag is the ONLY community magazine for the BBC micro:bit put together by a bunch of volunteers. micro:mag is currently in it’s third edition. Best of all the micro:mag is free to download and read. So why wait, head over to the micro:mag website and download your copy now – https://micromag.cc/. It’s the only “un-official” publication that’s completely focused on tips, tricks, projects, learning around the BBC micro:bit.

micro:mag Issue #6

micro:mag is run by a small but mighty team of volunteers who donate their time to help create a magazine full of news, tutorials, features and reviews. You can help build micro:mag and keep it free by donating your time, effort or money. Visit the micro:mag website for details – https://micromag.cc/


Issue #6 hits the stands – Here’s what the guys at micro:mag have to say about issue #6, ” This issue’s cover feature is “Build your own DIY Low Cost Robot”. One of the most common projects people build with the micro:bit is a robot. The micro:bit makes this super simple both on the hardware and software side of things. The majority go out and purchase a prebuilt robot that makes it super easy to get started with robotics and the micro:bit. However, most of the time, this can set you back £40+. For this special issue, we set Creative Technologist and regular micro:mag contributor Les Pounder the challenge of building the ultimate low-cost micro:bit powered robot that anyone can build, with just a few parts.

Plus… 4tronix’s new motor drive board, Girls into coding, Robot Showdown, Running workshops in fields, 3D printed Servo Magic 8 Ball. And many more! “

Here’s a view of some of the articles you will find in the third edition of the micro:mag –

  1. Build a Low Cost DIY micro:bit Powered Robot
  2. Robot Showdown
  3. Girls into Coding
  4. Running workshops in fields
  5. and much more

So why wait, head over to the micro:mag website and download your copy now – https://micromag.cc/. Support the micro:mag team and purchase a copy from the website – micro:mag website.

Support the micro:mag team – Purchase a 4 issue subscription now!!!

What is the BBC micro:bit – The BBC MicroBit (also referred to as BBC micro:bit) is an open source hardware ARM-based embedded system designed by the BBC for use in computer education in the UK. The BBC micro:bit was first announced on the launch of BBC’s Make It Digital campaign on 12 March 2015 with the intent of delivering 1 million devices to pupils in the UK.

BBC micro:bit

Here’s some of what’s packed into micro:bit –

  1. The micro:bit is half the size of a credit card and has an ARM Cortex-M0 processor
  2. The micro:bit comes along with an accelerometer and magnetometer sensors
  3. The micro:bit offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  4. Also embedded into the micro:bit front face is a display consisting of 25 LEDs and two programmable buttons

The micro:bit can be powered by either USB or an external battery pack. The device inputs and outputs are through five ring connectors that form part of a larger 23-pin edge connector. As a pocket-sized computer the BBC micro:bit is approximately 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools. It has 25 red LED lights that can flash eye catching messages and be used to create challenging games. The two programmable buttons on the micro:bit can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist. The accelerometer on the micro:bit can detect motion and knows when you’re on the move so you can use it to create a pedometer or even an interactive game that detects motion. The built-in compass knows which direction you’re heading in and it can use a low energy Bluetooth connection to interact with other devices and the Internet.

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micro:bit based STEM education robot

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Hopefully you have enjoyed the tutorials. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future tutorials drop us a note at – learning at hack2 dot live.

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