Code & Play Your Own Snake Game in MakeCode Arcade

Code & Play Your Own Snake Game in MakeCode Arcade

The girls at are a real enthusiastic bunch. The grandmother and grand daughter duo blog about all things code. At you will find games for Minecraft, Scratch, Makecode Arcade, etc. We love the work the girls at are doing and have been following their work for a while now. This article is a post around their recently published games for Makecode Arcade called, “Elvis – The flamboyant snake”. In this tutorial you will learn to write a game using Makecode Arcade for the Kittenbot Meowbit (a small but powerful board for which you can write games using block based coding and also program in Javascript, Python), download the game to the Kittenbot Meowbit and play the game to your hearts content.

However, If you are keen to just dive in and play the game head over to the following link –

Elvis – The flamboyant snake

We encourage you to check out the work the girls are doing by heading over to

What is the Kittenbot Meowbit – The Meowbit is a card-sized graphical retro game computer with allows you coding with Makecode arcade and Python. In other words, it can combines game programming, design while presenting learners the opportunity to learn mainstream programming languages like micropython. The Meowbit is a card-sized graphical programming video game console designed for kids of all ages.

Kittenbot Meowbit for Makecode Arcade

The Kittenbot Meowbit comes with a 1.8′ full-color screen, 6 x programmable buttons, 1 x buzzer, built-in light sensor, temperature sensor, SD card slot (For external storage), multiplayer connector and edge connector. A special feature of the Meowbit is the in-built edge connector which should (**no extensive testing or certification of other 3rd party expansion boards has been conducted) ensure that the Meowbit pins is compatible with most micro:bit expansion boards out there. When combined with the Kittenbot Robot:bit board you have the ability to create a programmable versatile robot in a very short time. The Kittenbot Meowbit can also be used with the Kittenbot IoBit to create different electronics projects just like you would with the BBC Micro:Bit.

Let’s build it – In the words of the authors, ” Elvis eats peanut butter and banana sandwiches. He dresses in pink and black and, of course, wears blue-suede shoes. In search of sandwiches, Elvis moves 8 pixels every 1/2 second in the direction chosen by the player using the arrow keys. Elvis eats as many sandwiches as he can before he bumps into a wall or his head collides with his body. The game score is the number of sandwiches eaten by the time a game ends. Each time a sandwich is eaten, Elvis grows longer and more sandwiches are generated at random locations on the field. As the score increases, Elvis gets longer and longer making it increasingly difficult to navigate the field without bumping into himself (e.g., turning his head backward).”

So let’s get coding. Check out the video below to get started with programming your own game using Makecode Arcade for the Kittenbot Meowbit.

The game is quite complex, takes a while to put together and requires a good deal of effort. But in the end you even get to play it….and derive satisfaction from having created your own game!!!!

  1. So If you are keen to check out the detailed tutorial then head over to the following link – –
  2. If you are keen to just dive in and play the game head over to the following link –

Feel free to make a copy of the game at Makecode Arcade, edit it within your own Makecode Arcade workspace, then download to your Kittenbot Meowbit. If you are looking for details with regards to working on the Meowbit, uploading code to the Meowbit including other development tracks and tutorials then head over to our learning management system at –

We encourage you to check out the work the girls are doing at and if at all possible drop them a note to thank them, or tweet along with a few words of encouragement. Keep up the great work fellas!!!!

Happy hacking from everyone here at OzToyLib!!!!!

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