beanz – April 19 Issue Hits the Stands

beanz – April 19 Issue Hits the Stands

What is beanz – beanz magazine is a bi-monthly online and print magazine about learning to code, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives. The magazine includes hard to find information, for example, a list of 40+ programming languages for education, coding schools, summer tech camps, and more.

While the magazine is written to help kids ages 8 and older learn about programming and computer science, many readers and subscribers are parents, teachers, and librarians who use the articles to learn alongside their young kids, students, or library patrons. The magazine strives to provide easy to understand how-to information, with a bit of quirky fun.

beanz – The STEM magazine for kids

beanz is put together by a small community of teachers, technologists, and writers who love the challenge of exploring technology in ways kids and non-technical adults enjoy and understand. The team tries to make technology accessible, friendly, and fun.

Latest Edition – The April 19 issue has just hit the stands. As always the beanz team does a great job putting together some great quality STEM content for kids. A yearly subscription to the magazine costs a mere 15$ USD. We would encourage you to check out beanz and support the work the guys there are doing by grabbing a subscription – beanz (

Here’s a preview of some of the articles you will find in this edition of beanz

  • STEAM Interview: Meet Allie Weber – Learn about the STEAM star’s amazing journey onto Mythbusters Junior and beyond.
  • Fibonacci Spiral – Use SketchUp to create this fascinating mathematical pattern that appears everywhere in nature.
  • Constructing STEM with Micro-controllers – What activities are best for teaching STEM to young kids?
  • How do biometric scans work – Keep your passwords at the tip of your fingers, or maybe at the back of your eyes!
  • The deluxe dessert generator – Bring your coding skills and your desserts to new levels in this simple Python coding activity.
  • What is Internet of Things – Learn about the shiny new technology that allows us to be connected like never before
  • Clap controlled night lamp – A fun, DIY electronics project that’ll keep you from bumping around in the dark!

And many more interesting fun filled articles !!!! We would encourage you to check out beanz and support the work the guys there are doing by grabbing a subscription – beanz (

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