MagPi Issue #80 Hits The Stands

MagPi Issue #80 Hits The Stands

Calling all Raspberry Pi Hackers, MagPI issue #79 hits the stands. Grab a cup of your favorite brew and settle down on your couch with a copy of the MagPi to discover all the awesomeness embedded within this month’s issue. Lots of exciting stuff to read about. Check out what’s in this months magazine by looking at the contents. This issue covers –

  • Amazing ham radio projects
    Use ham radio with Raspberry Pi
  • Hack a Lego Boost
    Use a Raspberry Pi device to control your Lego project
  • Set up a Samba file server
    Quickly build a Raspberry Pi network file-storage device
  • Build a karaoke machine
    Sing your heart out with this great Raspberry Pi project
  • Make comic books from TV recordings
    Automatically turn video recordings into mock hand-drawn comic book
  • The top 10 HATs
    The best Hardware Attached on Top accessories for Raspberry Pi
  • Learn the command line
    A great selection of resources for anybody looking to boost their command-line skills
  • Underwater drone
    How one reader has built a remote-control underwater robot
  • The Clapper
    Recreate this classic clap on/off light switch with a Raspberry Pi
  • Win! Keybow keyboards
    Your chance to win one of five mechanical keyboards
  • And much more!

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Head over to following link to download issue 80 of the MagPi – <Download>.

Discover the 50 best Raspberry Pi tips in this month’s edition of The MagPi. The team has come together to offer a definitive collection of hacks, hints, and tricks. Covering Raspbian, security, coding, making, networking, and the command line. This is a definitive collection of essential advice for any Raspberry Pi maker.

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