MagPi Issue #79 Hits The Stands

MagPi Issue #79 Hits The Stands

Calling all Raspberry Pi Hackers, MagPI issue #79 hits the stands. Grab a cup of your favorite brew and settle down on your couch with a copy of the MagPi to discover all the awesomeness embedded within this month’s issue. Lots of exciting stuff to read about. This issue covers –

  • Build a Teachable Machine. Use Google’s new Coral USB Accelerator to build a machine that learns to identify objects
  • Develop an Android app. Build and deploy Android apps on a Raspberry Pi
    Tortoise Fridge. Keep a tortoise safe during hibernation with temperature sensors and an old fridge
  • Use ANPR in your projects. Follow the Car Spy Pi project to add number plate recognition to your driveway.
  • Top 10 home automation projects. Control your home with these Raspberry Pi kits
    Win! Mice and Keyboards. Ten brand new Official Raspberry Pi Mice and Keyboard kits up for grabs
  • Car Spy Pi
  • Firefighter monitoring system
  • Stereo Pi
  • PyGame Zero – AmazeBalls
  • Reviews – ArduinoPixed
  • Reviews – Keybow
  • And much more!

Head over to following link to download issue 79 of the MagPi – <Download>. We would also encourage you to support the awesome work being done by the Raspberry Pi foundation by getting yourself a MagPi subscription at the following – <Link>.

MagPi Issue #79

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