Exploring Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi 3B+

Exploring Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi 3B+

In our first video on this series we checked out the Kano Operating System installation process and setup our Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the Kano OS. If you have just landed here and haven’t had the opportunity to read the previous article we would highly recommend you head back and read it before continuing any further. You can access our first article i.e. Installing Kano Operating System on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ here – <Link>

Now that we have a fully functional Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the Kano OS let’s dive into the Operating System and see how it’s all been laid out. In this video we take a look at the Kano OS booting process, the Kano OS desktop, some of the applications, how Kano has gamified the learning process including exploring the games that ship with the Kano OS. I have mentioned this earlier but I will make it a point to say it again, Kano OS is the best Raspberry Pi based learning platform I’ve come across so far.

I’ve worked with many different Linux and Unix variants (Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, SuSE, HP Unix, IBM Aix, MacOS, FreeBSD, Debian, Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi, etc.) over the last two decades and each of the operating systems I’ve worked on has their own strengths and weaknesses. Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi is built from ground up to get kids into coding, it’s built with kids in mind, it’s built to get kids back into computing and more importantly to learn computing concepts in a hands on manner. Kano’s approach to gamification of the entire learning process is second to none. It is the best kids learning environment for the Raspberry Pi I have ever come across. PERIOD!!!!!

Kano OS dashboards – Designed with kids in mind.

Go ahead, check out the video and learn more about what Kano OS has to offer. Kano OS comes packed with games that teach kids computer science concepts (it’s totally amazing!!!), application to get the kids coding, applications to get the kids working with electronics and more importantly encourage kids to get hands on with their Raspberry Pi i.e. connect stuff, get it working and learn about computing in a hands on manner.

Having spent sometime playing the games myself and watch my daughter play the games I saw how Kano introduces kids to various computer science concepts, Linux concepts, general technology concepts through gamification. Hats off to the guys at Kano for creating such a marvelous product and allowing the community to use it (Kano OS) for free. Overall an awesome product, built from ground up with kids in mind and totally engaging from a kids point of view. My daughter who does a bit of coding and isn’t too much into electronics is totally hooked onto Kano / Raspberry Pi.

  1. You can learn more about the Kano at – <Link>.
  2. If you are looking to install the Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi then head over to the Kano OS download side and grab a copy of the OS image from – <Link>.
  3. Please note that the OS is in BETA which means that there will be issues and also that there is NO support available from Kano since you are downloading and using it for personal use without purchasing a product from them.
  4. You can pick up a Raspberry Pi from <OzToyLib>.

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Hopefully you have enjoyed the tutorials. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future tutorials drop us a note at – learning at hack2 dot live.

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