Installing Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi 3B+

Installing Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi 3B+

For a while I have wanted to check out the Kano operating system. I had seen a few videos on Youtube and knew it worked on the previous generations of the Raspberry Pi i.e. Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3B. I did look around but couldn’t find a lot of documentation about Kano OS (Operating System) on the Raspberry Pi 3. In total i stumbled across two threads on the internet (one of which was at the Raspberry Pi forum) which mentioned that someone had tried to get it working on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and the didn’t have much success. That was earlier in 2018.

A few weeks ago i decided to pick this project up again and start looking at the Kano OS for a second time. Am not entirely sure what the draw was but i think i wanted to see if i could get my daughter into using the Raspberry Pi while also evaluating the real benefits of the Kano OS. I am glad i re-visited the Kano OS again. Kano has released a beta version of its new operating system v4.2.0 Hopper for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ late December 2018. This meant that i could now burn a new SD card with the downloadable Kano OS image and try it out on my new Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Kano OS dashboard – On the Raspberry Pi 3B+

I set about installing the Kano OS on a new Raspberry Pi 3B+. The installation is the smoothest Operating System installation I’ve ever seen. The installation took somewhere between 10-15 mins on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ after which it booted up into the desktop environment (See the image above). I played around it a bit and boy oh boy…..this product is designed for kids from ground up. It’s definitely one (if the THE) best Raspberry Pi STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) platforms that I’ve seen with a focus on kids. I am totally impressed.

The Kano OS (combined with the other Kano products) are focused on delivering STEM education through gamification. Having spent sometime playing the games myself and watch my daughter play the games I saw how Kano introduces kids to various computer science concepts, Linux concepts, general technology concepts through gamification. Hats off to the guys at Kano for creating such a marvelous product and allowing the community to use it (Kano OS) for free. The video in this post covers the installation of the Kano OS. Please note that this is our first video recording and the quality is quite poor, you’ll need to turn up the sound real high and the lighting isn’t that great. Like Alan Jackson, the American Country Music singer says, “We are all work in progress”… :).

Overall an awesome product, built from ground up with kids in mind and totally engaging from a kids point of view. My daughter who does a bit of coding and isn’t too much into electronics is totally hooked onto Kano / Raspberry Pi.

  1. You can learn more about the Kano at – <Link>.
  2. If you are looking to install the Kano OS on the Raspberry Pi then head over to the Kano OS download side and grab a copy of the OS image from – <Link>.
  3. Please note that the OS is in BETA which means that there will be issues and also that there is NO support available from Kano since you are downloading and using it for personal use without purchasing a product from them.
  4. You can pick up a Raspberry Pi from <OzToyLib>.

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