Scratch 3 & BBC micro:bit – Let’s Dance
Learning Fundamentals of computing with Scratch

Scratch 3 & BBC micro:bit – Let’s Dance

Scratch 3 introduced many new features of which the one we love the move is the integration with the BBC micro:bit. Frankly speaking, we just cannot get enough of it and over the coming weeks we will explore use of the BBC micro:bit through Scratch. In this tutorial we will explore basic functionality of Scratch 3 and the BBC micro:bit. This tutorial can logically be broken down into two parts –

  1. We will start off by creating a sprite (programmable character in Scratch 3) and place the sprite on a background. We will program scratch so that we are able to move the sprite using keys on the keyboard. We will add some music to the Scratch program and also make sure we choose a stage background so to give it a party look and feel.
  2. Once we have accomplished this simple task we will load up the micro:bit integration for Scratch 3, and then program Scratch 3 using the micro:bit blocks so that we are able to move the sprite on screen using the buttons on the BBC micro:bit.

Check out the video below –

All our learning content is made available for free at Access our new free course on Scratch 3 and the BBC micro:bit at through the following link – Exploring Scratch 3 and the BBC micro:bit – I. You can grab a BBC micro:bit here – <OzToyLib Store>.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the tutorials. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future tutorials drop us a note at – learning at hack2 dot live.

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