Free Course – Exploring Scratch 3 with the BBC Micro:bit – I

Free Course – Exploring Scratch 3 with the BBC Micro:bit – I

We have just published a new free course called, “Exploring Scratch 3 with the BBC micro:bit – I”. As part of this development track your child will create interactive programs, games and animation using Scratch 3 and the BBC micro:bit. Through these Scratch tutorials your child will explore fundamental coding techniques and strengthen their reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills. Scratch 3 was launched on Jan 2nd 2019 and has been re-written from ground up using new web technologies. Among many of its new features is the ability of Scratch 3 to integrate with the BBC micro:bit. The integration of Scratch 3 with the BBC micro:bit allows use of the BBC micro:bit to create interactive games, stories and animation.

Scratch 3 and BBC micro:bit

All our learning content is made available for free at Access the free course at through the following link – Exploring Scratch 3 and the BBC micro:bit – I. You can grab a BBC micro:bit here – <OzToyLib Store>.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the tutorials. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future tutorials drop us a note at – learning at hack2 dot live.

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