Explore IoT (Internet Of Things) and Home Automation

Explore IoT (Internet Of Things) and Home Automation

Smart Home, Home Automation and IoT – Smart Home, Home Automation and IoT (Internet Of Things) seems to be buzz words we hear very frequently these days. Simply speaking a “Smart Home” is a home equipped with appliances that have the ability to be be programmed or configured for purposes of automation. For example in a smart home all the lighting, heating, cooling, visual, sound appliances, miscellaneous electronic devices might be controlled remotely and automated using an interface accessible through either a smartphone or a computer. A “Smart Home” usually allows for automation of simple tasks (e.g. turning lights on only when someone enters the room, checking if your plant needs watering and turning on the water supply for a brief instant, turning off all the lights in the house at a predefined time at night, etc.) with a view to increasing efficiency (reducing consumption, cost of energy, etc.) and allowing for easier access to controls (for the given appliance). The way we look at it Smart Home and Home Automation refer to similar concepts.

IoT or Internet of IoT on the other hand takes Smart Home and Home Automation a bit further. With your Smart  Home you would have the ability to manage your devices using some sort of an interface allowing for certain degree of automation and interoperability with other devices around the house. IoT on the other hand extends the Smart Home concept a bit further. On IoT your smart devices can now not only talk to each other but can also exchange data (gathered from sensors, based on measurements taken) with each other and probably even with applications, systems over the internet. IoT systems would typically allow for the data to be used for purposes of decision making, forecasting, device life cycle management, etc.

Learn about Smart Home, Home Automation & IoT concepts – We have just launched the Electrofreaks Smart Home kit. The Elecfreaks smart home kit is designed to help you get started with exploring the world of electronics with a focus on home automation.

The Elecfreaks smart home kit for BBC micro:it comes packed with ~11 easy to use sensors (OLED screen, noise sensor, light sensor, relay sensor, soil moisture sensor, crash sensor, etc.) and includes the Electrofreaks Octopus micro:bit breakout board. The Electrofreaks Octopus micro:bit breakout board is specially designed for use with the Electrofreaks Octopus sensors and makes it really easy to interface with the different electronic bits i.e. sensors, etc. included in the smart home kit. The smart home kit for the BBC micro:bit offers a great opportunity to explore the world of electronics using the BBC micro:bit. Interact with the real world through the various sensors, create innovative projects, learn how to program the micro:bit to read data from the sensors and perform certain actions. With the ~11 sensors you will challenge yourself in many different ways, gain experience working with each of the electronic components and learn concepts around Smart Home, IoT (Internet Of Things) and Home Automation. The smart home kit for the BBC micro:bit is a great way to dive into the awesome world of electronics and get started with your own STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning journey.

Read more about the Micro:Bit Smart Home Kit here – Link.

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